Breathing Differently Poetry Book

I released my first full length book of poetry, “Liquid Toffee”, in Spring of 2009. This book which tapped seemingly endless well into my emotions of love, lust and heartbreak fell under the erotica genre. Drawing out my feelings during this life interval I realized it was indeed a time of release for me and…

“I wanted the world to experience this through my every breath.”

After the success of the Liquid Toffee project there was a flux of ongoing shifts in my life. My cup was being filled with pure genuine love and purpose. In this life I rise with willingness, an anointed voice and hands to spread love and healing energy. I am His vessel using my divine gifts. Almost 5 years ago I was impregnated with what I thought was an insane idea at that time, impossible yet a gift.

“Now I have the courage with Gods love to bring it to birth.”

I am so thrilled to announce worldwide an open journey to the writing and releasing of my new poetry book project, “Breathing Differently”. This audio-visual installation will be filled with an ambient soundtrack, voice-overs, inspirational messages written on walls in my original handwriting and will be shown in its entirety for the first time at an exhibition. I trust this journey will lead me to traveling, displaying and sharing this project at every gallery, stage, beach or park that I can think of. Then one day a permanent peaceful home.

I invite you to witness this journey from beginning to end. I will periodically share videos, audibles, photos and written content about the progress of this project. I am so grateful and thank God for His hand in everything.

“I want to be honest. I can not do this without you.”

At this time, I need your help with certain resources:

  • 1. Tools and supplies to build 3 wall panels
  • 2. Warehouse, loft or open studio w/ working utilities, quiet location near beach for 3 months to house entire project.
  • 3. 15 Hours of Studio recording time, mixing and mastering
  • 4. Exhibit space for the official showing

Your contributions will allow this project to be created with dignity and absolute artistic freedom.  Please donate as much as you can and be a part of this very special project.